Talking to the constituency

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On Saturday morning I was joined by the Labour team in the Hirst Ward of Ashington as we embarked on the first in a programme of ‘Roaming Street Surgeries’.

Myself, county councillor Ken Parry and town councillors Vic Bridges and Mark Purvis targeted around 200 properties on the east side of Alexandra Road in, what was admittedly, an experiment.

For me this area holds special memories, having been brought up in a house in what was then known as East Villas. This trip back to where I grew up had a few surprises in store, with some of my old neighbours still living in the same properties 40-plus years on.

With a few of our ‘call here’ posters on display, we were able to discuss local issues with the people who wanted to talk in private and simply walking around and talking to people on the streets brought several pieces of case work for myself and the councillors.

The ‘Roaming Surgeries’ will move on into Bedlington, in the Sleekburn county ward, where I will be joined by the Labour team in that area.

It is so important to get out and speak to ordinary people, to listen to their problems and concerns and to try to deliver for them.

I hope that by visiting and talking to people in their communities, that we can identify the issues that really matter to local people and that we can continue to work as a team to deliver for Wansbeck.