TALL SHIPS: Let down by management

I wish to enter a strong complaint about the organisation of the Tall Ships event in Blyth.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 6:00 am

I am registered disabled and my partner has mobility problems. There was not a single sign at the main entrance to the town from the A1/A19 for any parking for the handicapped so we parked at South Beach.

Helpers and volunteers appeared to know nothing about anything when asked. All the car park attendant knew was that he had to get £10 from every car coming in.

Seating for the elderly was conspicuous by its almost total absence.

The signage directing cars from the A1/A19 was excellent. But there it ceased. The lack of any useful signage in the town, either to do with the event or about facilities, meant that we had to walk an unacceptably long way to see anything.

I cannot imagine that traders would have been best pleased at this badly missed opportunity to promote their businesses.

Bus stops were far too few and far between, and buses were not allowed to pick up or drop off except at the designated park and ride areas and stops in the town. Taxis were conspicuously absent as well.

What should have been a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable occasion was, quite frankly, a bit of a nightmare and did the event a gross disservice.

John Guyon


Co Durham