Targeting underage drinkers

Underage drinkers have been targeted in Cramlington and Blyth.

In response to recent concerns in Cramlington and Blyth, Northumbria Police in partnership with Northumberland County Council Public Protection Trading Standards, undertook an operation to target pubs believed to be serving youngsters.

Four pubs – Masons, Phoenix, Blagdon and Victoria and Albert – were targeted as part of the operation which involved the use of an underage test purchase volunteer.

Three out of the four venues refused service, but the serving member of staff in the Victoria and Albert, where the child was given alcohol, was given a £50 fine on the spot and further action will be taken against the designated premises supervisor.

Blyth Neighbourhood Sgt Garry Neill said: “We have a good working relationship with the licensees in the area and they want the same thing that we want - to create a safe and enjoyable place for people to spend time.

“We listen to what local people tell us are their concerns and we take action by carrying out operations like this.

“It’s positive to see that licensees in the area are taking their roles responsibly and not serving underage drinkers. We will continue to address the problem and further operations will be carried out.”

Coun Dave Ledger, policy board member with responsibility for safer communities, added: “The council is committed to tackling problems associated with underage drinking and the impact it has on our local communities.
“We will always try to work with local businesses.”