TAX: Rises are outrageous

I wrote a letter in 2016 about outrageous parish council tax increases. However, the situation seems to continue unchecked.

Thursday, 25th January 2018, 5:58 am

The latest case involves Vera Baird proposing a 12.2 per cent increase to the police charge, allowing one week for the public to respond by email.

What percentage of majority Band A residents even have access to email?

Over five years, while county council tax has increased by only 8.2 per cent, parish council precept has increased by 330 per cent.

And an Adult Social Care charge, introduced in 2016, was raised by 156 per cent in 2017 (though presented as a three per cent rise).

With inflation outpacing wage growth, a two per cent cap should apply to the whole bill.

When austerity continues beyond unsustainable levels, the answer is not for local councils to ‘pick the taxpayer’s pocket’.

I would rather see the services in crisis than continue to bail out the government.

Only then will the people smell the coffee and vote for change.

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