Teams work to clean up town

A litter pick in Blyth town centre.
A litter pick in Blyth town centre.

Staff from McDonald’s joined forces with Northumberland County Council to carry out a clean-up around Blyth town centre in a bid to improve the appearance of the area.

Staff from Ashington, Blyth and Moor Farm outlets got involved in the littler pick event.

The county council provided support through its new ‘LOVE Northumberland HATE Litter’ campaign, and civic head Coun Kath Nisbet, joined the team.

Coun Nisbet said: “Keeping areas of our county clean and litter free is a high priority for the council. We want to work with local groups and with businesses like McDonald’s to promote positive initiatives like this.

“We have provided equipment and our staff have advised on the best areas to target, and disposed of the items collected afterwards.

“Through the new campaign we will also be highlighting the negative effects that litter can have on local areas and taking action against offenders.”

Phases of the campaign will focus on different types of litter including cigarette ends, fast food wrappings, roadside litter and town centre rubbish.

Grant Simmonds, from McDonald’s in Blyth, added: “We take great pride in our local environment and that’s why we’ve been working hard for more than 20 years to try and reduce the amount of litter on our streets.”