Technician is saving lives in Bastion

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AN army hospital technician from Northumberland has contributed to saving countless lives in Afghanistan as part of the only team in the country able to maintain the vital life-support machines in Camp Bastion’s hospital.

Neil Wold, 32, from Ashington, has been working as an electronics technician for the Medical and Dental Servicing Section (MDSS), a three-man team that maintains all the equipment in the hospital at Camp Bastion.

Neil said: “It’s very difficult, sometimes very stressful, the pressure is on, a lot of the time the equipment we work on is life-support equipment; so you must make sure the job is done correctly and to the best of your ability.”

Neil hasn’t always looked after such delicate kit, and worked for ten years with artillery and tanks prior to getting the opportunity to transfer to MDSS.

Neil is also currently the only Brit in Afghanistan capable of maintaining respirators in the hospital, which are vital for maintaining patient’s breathing.

“When I walk into the Intensive Care Unit and see any patient that is connected to them, I know, that that is my work,” he said.

“That’s a good feeling.

“Knowing that I have a direct input that is keeping that patient breathing and allowing them to recover,” he said.

In early April, Neil will finish his tour and be reunited with his wife Nicola and five-year-old daughter Katie.