Tenant’s anger over lack of renovation in property

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RESIDENTS on a Blyth estate have hit out at the continuing broken promises regarding work taking place at his council home.

Some people living on the Hodgsons Road estate have been waiting for more than five years for new kitchens and bathrooms.

But they have been left stranded by Northumberland County Council who say there is no money for the work to take place – yet when someone moves out, workmen are going in to replace the kitchen and bathroom before the next tenant moves in.

And now the council has sent out another letter to residents saying there is no funding for the redevelopment of the estate, with a follow-up letter due out in the autumn.

Scott Clydesdale, of Chestnut Avenue, is one of those who has been left waiting for repairs to his home.

He said: “Before I even moved into the property I was told I would get a new kitchen and bathroom, and that was over five years ago.

“I’m still waiting.

“I’ve had to buy cupboards myself.

“I only had two cupboards in the kitchen when I moved in.

“I pay full rent, full council tax and find it disgusting that this is happening.

“Other estates around Blyth have had new windows, new fires; this estate has had nothing.

“I’ve received a letter saying that no more work will be done on the estate as there was no funding.

“We’ve been told this for the last two years.

“We’ve been fobbed off and fobbed off every six months.

“People are waiting for new kitchens and bathrooms but are not getting them.

“However, as soon as people are moving out, council workmen are going in and replacing them.”

Council chiefs have said they are currently examining the way repairs are funded.

Daljit Lally, corporate director of adult services at Northumberland County Council, said: “Members are due to consider a report this autumn which will take into account changes to the way that council housing is funded and consider carefully how this affects development options for Hodgsons Road.

“We will write to tenants with a further update.

“In the meantime, we will continue to replace windows whenever necessary, as well as carrying out normal repairs and maintenance.”