Tenants could lose a third of gardens

Angry residents have hit out at plans which could see them lose up to a third of their gardens.

People living in Burnside Estate in Bedlington are outraged at redevelopment plans being drawn up by housing firm Bernicia, which would see large parts of their gardens removed.

They are now calling on the firm to alter the plans.

Keith Scantlebury, chairman of the Burnside Estate Residents’ Group, said: “Bernicia are to carry out major improvements to our estate, but they also want to rob some tenants of up to a third of our gardens to plant trees as a deterrent to fly-tipping.

“None of us want any part of our gardens taken from us but it seems that Bernicia might just go ahead and do it.

“We are looking forward to the proposed, long overdue, improvements to the estate, however, many of us strongly object to losing up to a third of our gardens to tree planting.”

A Bernicia spokesman said: “We have consulted with residents on a number of proposals for the Burnside Estate which, in response to issues raised previously by residents, include the potential to re define the boundaries of certain properties to create safe, secure and manageable rear garden areas.

“Any views or concerns raised during the consultation process are being considered to help shape firmer proposals which we will share with residents on an individual basis in the near future.”