Thank you all for support

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the following people who stopped and gave me assistance after a serious incident which happened on Easter Sunday evening, the details of which I cannot disclose as it is a police matter.

Mark from the ambulance quick response team, the paramedics Jason and Wayne, a driver following me, who is my only witness, and whose name I did not get but he will know who he is as he would have made himself late in his line of work, Susan and Danielle, two young ladies who were heading home from work and who stayed with my wife and comforted and reassured her while I called the emergency services, the police who cam and were very helpful and considerate to my wife and myself, and last but not least, Guy, the Wansbeck General Hospital A&E doctor and Claire, his nursing assistant, plus every other member at the hospital – x-ray team, porter, etc – and my brother-in-law, friends and family.

Thank you to you all.

Name and address supplied