Thank you for kindness you gave our Mum

We are writing this to thank four wonderful Blyth people for the love, kindness, care and devotion they gave to our Mum, Alice French, who sadly passed away in June.

Without these people Mum could not have enjoyed her final years in Blyth, the town both of us grew up in.

Her son Michael, her daughter Yvonne and their respective families would like to show their heart-felt appreciation to Mum’s nephew and his wife, Richard and Irene Muldoon; and to two of Alice’s special friends, Jackie Evans and Rob Barkley.

Although we are Northumbrians at heart, we both flew the nest many years ago; and Mum’s wish to see out her days in her beloved Blyth would not have been possible without the help of Irene, Jackie, Richard, and Rob.

Guys, from Chichester and Melbourne, we send you a “thank you” that is bigger than the wind turbine that towers over Bridge Street and Waterloo Road.

Mike French


West Sussex

Yvonne Hancocks-French