Thank you for support

On behalf of the Walk of Life voluntary group’s ‘Teddy Bears family fun day’ on August 16, I would like to thank you everyone for their generous donation to our cause.

The event was a great success and we have raised £456.16 towards us purchasing a summer house for those disability people who can’t actively participate in the allotment garden but can be out there feeling part of the process.

Not forgetting the elder residents who visit the community centre and allotment garden who will obtain many hours of pleasure sitting in the summer house on those warmer sunny days with their friends to avoid isolation and loneliness that a lot of elderly residents have to cope with.

May we thank you once again for your invaluable contribution to our very worthwhile cause and the difference you have made to the disability and elderly peoples lives, you have made it that little bit better and brighter for their future.

D McBrien

Chairman, Walk of Life