THANK YOU: Pub support is practical

The mental health and learning disabilities charity Blyth Star Enterprises is once again grateful to Kenny and Sharon at The Keel Row pub for raising £608.50 at their charity day on July 4.

Blyth Star Enterprises was established to work with people who experience severe and enduring mental ill-health and/or learning disabilities to enable them to live and work within their local community, and to support them towards achieving not only a life within their community, but a qualitative and meaningful life.

The Keel Row’s support not only helps us financially, but also gives us the real connection with the people of our community. Kenny, Sharon, the staff and all the customers at The Keel Row are not only generous in their efforts, but also contribute in our battle against mental health stigma.

Thanks for a great evening, all your work, and your very practical support for our charity.

Gordon Moore

RMN, MBA Chief Executive Officer