THANK YOU: Services are appreciated

May I express my thanks and gratitude to the following, and festive greetings to all.

1. The publisher and all at the News Post Leader for the delightful and informative weekly news, and thanks to Carol, who delivers the paper every week come snow, rain or sunshine.

2. Susan and Steven at the bus information office in Blyth town centre for their greetings, useful services and vital information, even holding on to false teeth. A few weeks ago, I walked in distressed, but Steven reunited me with my lost dentures. I was delighted, but I was upset to hear that this important office will be closed in the New Year. A great loss to all indeed. Every friend I mentioned the loss to was saddened.

3. Thanks must go to the helpful librarians and the council officers at the library building too.

4. Also, to the staff at Poundland in Waterloo Road, who brought me a stool to sit on and packed my purchases when I took ill. Their help came with great kindness.

Jo Bradley