The best of treatment

I would like to pen a few words in support of our local NHS.

In October 2014 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. All credit to my wife who had spotted the change in the breast at an early stage.

A lump was not detectable, but the breast tissue had changed in response to the cancer. The importance of self-checking cannot be understated.

The GP wasn’t sure, but no chances were taken and my wife was referred to Wansbeck General Hospital. Even there it was not easy to detect, but the members of staff were thorough.

The treatment my wife received locally was patient-centric. Although we had to visit a number of different hospitals for different elements of the treatment, she was always well treated with respect and sympathy, but most importantly, with the best level of medical care.

Treatment is ongoing and we hope and pray that it has been successful and definitive, but we know that we have had the best treatment possible.

We would like to thank the doctors, nurses and specialist staff in the region who have been, and are, involved in her care.

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