The car park needs work

Blyth will next year host the tall ships.

This will bring an influx of thousands of new visitors, giving Blyth a chance to showcase itself.

Here are just a couple of suggestions to the council to make sure it goes well:

Tarmac the car park between Seaton sluice and Blyth seafront, instead of leaving it a hard core mess, also put an entrance/exit at both ends.

This car park will be the best viewpoint for the start of the race and therefore the most chaotic in its present state.

Dual carriage the Laverock Hall Road / South Newsham Road, as this will be the main entrance and exit road for the event and it is already operating over its capacity.

I do not expect the council to do anything like this as I wrote a letter which you published asking the council for new schools to be built to deal with the new build houses.

I have heard from numerous people supporting this but the council has been silent, which means either our local councillors do not read or use the newspaper to keep up to date with the electorate’s views, are not living in the area they represent, or they are not bothered.

Name and address supplied