The heart stopped with pit closures

SOME letters over the weeks mention events attended, and one such was a concert by a group of young musicians playing at Woodhorn Church.

You never see notices of such events, you usually find out verbally weeks later.

I appreciate if the above was private, but if it was open to the public, I should imagine other people would have attended.

In Ashington we have received a survey asking for people’s thoughts on Ashington and how to attract visitors.

One of the things I put down was for a notice board placed centrally in the town for people to know where to look and find where these events are taking place.

The town council also wanted ideas to attract visitors to Ashington. Years ago, talk of an indoor shopping arcade was mentioned at the old Asda site.

As that did not occur, we have shop after shop closing, being replaced by charity shops.

While the shops we do have do their best and the council put flowers around, you wonder what might have been if the arcade had happened.

Look at Keel Row in Blyth, Manor Walks in Cramlington and the Sanderson Arcade in Morpeth, and they are all within a bus journey.

Seems when the pit closed the heart of Ashington stopped beating.

The community before the pits closed was bustling, vibrant and sociable. Now if you happen to see a neighbour, you are unsure on whether to say good morning as that seems to be a thing of the past.