The new councils were not our idea

I RESPOND to the comments of Jeff Reid’s letter (News Post Leader, September 22) as my recollection of the reorganisation of local government in Northumberland is completely different.

I agree the Labour Party implemented the change, which was very hard for us all, whichever party you belonged to, but more so for members of Labour in Northumberland.

As the chairman of Wansbeck CLP at the time, I recall all four Northumberland MPs – two Labour, a Conservative and a Liberal Democrat – were totally opposed to the county council executive position on the change to the new structure of one council for Northumberland.

I do, if my memory remains half decent, remember that Wansbeck District Council had a vote on the subject and the Labour group to a person voted against the proposals.

Unfortunately the Liberal Democrat group on Wansbeck, some of which are senior members of the current unitary council, to a person voted for the single county council.

This can be checked quite easily in the council minutes.

My CLP voted unanimously against the proposals and also joined with all the other districts in Northumberland, not only to campaign but to put proposals to government on behalf of the people that were contrary to what was eventually implemented.

I believe other CLPs, Blyth Valley, Hexham, Berwick and the Northumberland county Labour Party, were opposed to these proposals.

I also thought Blyth Valley Borough Council were opposed to it, as we at Wansbeck certainly worked with them, but I am sure someone from Blyth Valley will verify what actually happened.