The taxpayer is subsidising the employers

David Cameron has promised to ‘strip fat people of their benefits’.

What is he doing about the real scroungers, the ‘fat cats’ who fund his party by raking in bonuses and dodging tax? Nothing.

This year it took top chief executives just two days to earn what the average north east worker can expect to earn in a year.

The Northern TUC reported that annual pay in our region has fallen by £1,600, or £30 a week in real terms, since 2010.

That is a direct result of the coalition’s policy of encouraging pay freezes, zero hours contracts and other ‘austerity’ measures while others grow even richer by evading taxes.

Inflation has come down, but the grim reality is that it will take my constituents many years to claw back what they have lost.

Across the north east, 4,076, working families have an income so low they are still forced to rely on housing benefit and food banks to make ends meet.

That exposes the coalition strategy of entrenching low pay so that the taxpayer is subsidising employers who are putting profit and executive bonuses ahead of their employees’ wellbeing.

The scandal of wage inequality must be to the forefront of the general election campaign.