There are worse towns for shops

IN reply to the letter ‘We are now living in a ghost town’ (News Guardian, February 23), please will people stop complaining about Blyth.

If you believe this, I challenge you to drive four miles and come to Bedlington.

If it was not for the likes of hairdresser this historic town truly would be a ‘ghost town’.

Whereas Blyth has men’s and women’s clothes stores, the Keel Row and all that includes – Superdrug, WH Smith, Card Factory, etc – then there is the old Co-op building, Iceland and Herons.

And there is the banks, Barclays, NatWest, Lloyds TSB. Bedlington will only have the TSB when HSBC closes in April. And of course there is Wilkinsons and Poundstretcher.

Bedlington has been in decline now for more than two decades, and if something is not done soon to address this problem I fear that the town will disappear altogether.

However, I do agree that the renovated Blyth market place is an abomination.

But I think you will find that most residents of Bedlington go to Blyth to shop.

Which leads me to ask, have any of these people who complain about Blyth shopped in Bedlington?

If they did I’d like to know exactly how they found anything to buy.