There is a plan in place

Over recent weeks I have noticed an increasing number of doom and gloom letters concentrating on Bedlington.

Yes, Tesco has closed. Yes, the council offices are pretty much redundant. Yes, the public toilets have been closed for a while. Yes, shops are quiet. Yes, more houses will be built. No, we don’t have a leisure centre.

All of the above is true, you can not argue with those facts.

However, and this is a very big however, some will simply not accept that Northumberland County Council is addressing most of these issues whilst under central government imposed guidelines and the austerity measures currently in place.

Unfortunately it is easier to criticise than provide answers, and I mean actual answers, not just wind.

From the small amount of research I have conducted, there is a plan for Bedlington.

If this does not happen by next week then I am afraid that the doom and gloom brigade will still be singing the same old song.

For the majority of Bedlington residents I ask one thing only – keep believing in Bedlington.

Simon Tyler