There is guilt on both sides

I read with great interest ‘Chaos on the shared path’ (News Post Leader, October 9).

As a keen cyclist, I was unaware that this was a ‘shared’ path.

Maybe the sculpture of high speed cyclists give some cyclists the wrong impression? I must say it did me.

Any cyclist who speeds towards an animal, or a pedestrian, is asking for trouble – not to mention a large dose of gravel rash.

I do slow down as I am averse to large amounts of pain.

I do sound my bell, but sometimes in the heat of the moment it goes ‘clink-clink’ instead of ‘ring-ring’.

I think a bit more give and take would go a long way to calming the situation.

As for shouting at cyclists, what would you do if someone abused you if you rode past them?

If I’m honest, I have seen the racing types mentioned, but I have also seen people who don’t rein in their animals as well. So there is guilt on both sides.

Mr AG McRobb