There is much work to be done

Ian Lavery wins the Wansbeck seat at the Northumberland General Election count 2017
Ian Lavery wins the Wansbeck seat at the Northumberland General Election count 2017

Let me begin my first column after the general election by saying how proud and honoured I am to have once again been chosen by the people of Wansbeck to represent you all at Westminster.

This was the third election I have contested and I feel humbled to say that more than half of all the people residing in our constituency put their faith in me once again. So thank you from the bottom of my heart and everyone in the constituency can rest assured I will do everything in my power to truly represent all your interests both in and out the House of Commons.

Some of you may know that since the election I have been promoted to Chairman of the Labour Party – a job I am looking forward to immensely to support our Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

I will have new responsibilities at a national level but let me categorically state that they will not interfere for one moment with me continuing to be as active as your constituency MP as I have tried to be since I first took my seat in Parliament,

As a Labour Party, we have much work to do nationally to prepare for Government, which I believe is a real possibility for us now, but there is also much to do here in Wansbeck. As everyone will know there have been changes at Northumberland County Council and we will be seeking answers to a number of questions put to new Conservative Leader Councillor Peter Jackson about continued investment in Wansbeck

In particular I will be wanting to know what their plans are for the site in Lintonville, Ashington, now that he has said County Hall will no longer be moving there. I also have questions about the continuing role of Arch as the county’s development company; the investment in Bedlington town centre which the Conservatives have said will go ahead as planned; what his administrations plans are for re-opening the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne lines, as well as what support will be forthcoming for the Energy Central Project.