There may be pit ponies still alive

IT was a shame to hear that Tony the pit pony had passed away recently (News Post Leader, July 28).

I had a pony from Ellington pit from 1993 until 2009.

His name was Bass. He was 34 when he passed away.

I think there may still be some of the ponies alive as I have a list of them dated December 1993 showing names, ages, colour, height and some retirement dates.

There are four ponies which will be 25-years-old now if they are still alive. They were Rusty, Regal, Rustler and Glen.

If anyone has them it would be very interesting to find out.

I have loaned the original list to Woodhorn Colliery where it is being kept in its archives.

All the ponies went down the pit at four-years-old until they were retired.


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