These areas are disasters

T Smith, Bedlington, referred to the incomplete building, a proposed care home, beside the Market Place Club, the site of the former Elliot’s garage (News Post Leader, letters, October 23).

I understand this building may never be completed.

As there is a growing need for care homes, perhaps Northumberland County Council should consider taking over the project and complete it.

Bedlington Front Street used to be a pleasure to drive or walk down, however, when one passes through now it is almost a disaster with the unfinished care home, the promised new store of Tesco not realised with the adjacent building and land left in almost a derelict state.

Then of course there is the complete eyesore of the old infant school which is in the centre of the conservation area.

It is many years since Dysart acquired the old infant school and despite being refused planning permission on more than one occasion, a public enquiry granted permission.

Since that time the building and grounds have deteriorated considerably.

Vandals have set fire to the building, they have vandalised it so that the only option is to knock the building down.

There is litter everywhere, overgrown vegetation. The whole area is an absolute disgrace and spoils the appearance of Bedlington Front Street and Church Lane. Surely there must be something Northumberland County Council can do to rectify these three disasters.

If nothing else they could compel the owners to keep their property tidy and free of litter.

Merle Rewcastle