These Cramlington bus stops need timetables

On a recent visit to Mayfield cemetery in Village Road, Cramlington, I needed to return by bus but discovered that there were no departure timetables at the bus stops next to the cemetery.

I have since learned that these two bus stops and the one at the High Pit post office are the only ones in that locality that have no timetables.

Since these stops are used by occasional visitors to the cemetery who will not know the bus times, it seems odd as the other stops are used mainly by locals who most likely will.

The response from Northumberland County Council has not been encouraging.

It says these stops are of an older design and at present they have no funding available for new poles, flags and display cases.

I suggested that in the meantime they could laminate timetables and attach them using tie wraps, but was told that they did not have the resources to do this.

I have offered, if they will supply me with the appropriate timetables, to laminate them and display them at these bus stops.

Unfortunately, this has not found favour either.

Sadly it appears that visitors to the cemetery have not been considered and are not very high in the list of priorities.

Name and address supplied