These public toilets are not convenient

Whilst shopping with my wife just before Christmas in Seaton Delaval, the cold and the weather unfortunately caused me to seek out the nearest public toilets – the one by the roundabout which had a considerable sum of ratepayers money expended on it last year to make it usable.

Would you believe a notice pinned to the locked entrance stated that from October, the toilet would be locked from 3.30pm onwards.

Wow, well now we know, whichever council official came to this incredible decision I would like to know – public toilets are for the public, not for a council who would rather have it locked up and unusable.

An inconvenient convenience if ever there was one.

The human form cannot guarantee to fall in line with the stupidities of officialdom, especially where there is a toilet ready for use.

Next thing it will be closed on Sundays, bank holidays and when it is raining.

Come on Seaton Valley council – in the first year of your existence you have dropped a real clanger here.

For the sake of common sense all round, let us have the costly convenience available during office hours, otherwise we will have to call into your offices and demand relief there.

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