These sessions are public ones

IN response to the letter ‘I was brought up to respect elders’ (News Post Leader, September 2).

The swimming sessions we attended between 7am and 9am, during the summer holidays at Concordia Leisure Centre are public sessions, i.e. anyone, any age can attend.

And the management have confirmed that the children are more than welcome to attend, and they can get the ‘toys’ out and have the sprinklers on if they want to.

If any person disagrees with this, I suggest it is taken up with the centre’s management, or they could attend an ‘adults only’ session.

I was brought up to respect everyone, irrelevant of age, and to treat people the way in which I would like to be treated. I also encourage my two children to do the same.

But as adults you have to realise that all children are led by example, and l don’t think that the adults concerned acted appropriately towards them.

So if they want my two children to show respect, then earn it and don’t act in such a way when they have had to share something.

As for the comments about ‘hitting you with the boats’, and ‘acting as if breaking up a rugby scrum’, this is untrue.

I supervised my children at all times during these sessions, and even spoke to the staff, who confirmed that the children have done nothing wrong.

The attitude will not stop them doing an activity they enjoy, in fact it will make us more determined to attend.

We look forward to returning in the October half term week.