They have all got it in for me

OH dear, oh dear! Infamy, infamy, they have all got it in for me.

First of all Mr Dorman O’Gowan (News Post Leader, letters, September 20), a member of the Conservative Party, has it in for me because he says I need to be judged by my deeds rather than my words.

Well, when you see a white van driving around the streets of Cramlington with the signage Cramlington Town Council and the phone number and the e-mail address of the council you will realise that a major change has taken place in the town.

I bought the van for £10,900 and had it painted with the signs and fitted with a tow bar.

The money comes from my Northumberland County Council small schemes.

By having this money paid to Cramlington Town Council, £2,180 is recoverable in VAT so it actually costs £8,720.

In doing so, as chairman of the executive committee, I had the full support of all members of the committee who come from all of the three political parties.

The council will pay for a community warden and the running of the van.

This van will respond immediately to members of the public who phone in and request a clean-up in their area and will respond to any of their problems in Cramlington.

At the moment, the county council charges the town council £9,000 for cleaning the bus shelters in Cramlington.

In the future this will be done by the warden and the money saved will pay half the salary of the warden.

My second attacker is Mr Swinburn (News Post Leader, letters, September 27), another member of the Conservative Party, who seems to think that Cramlington Town Council is “oblivious to what is taking place”.

I had to look up this ‘big word’ and found it to mean ‘unaware of’.

I am certainly aware that a band B property in Cramlington is charged £1,161 per year by Northumberland County Council and that three per cent is £34.83, which was the average rise over the past years.

Yet, my tax bill for Cramlington is £25 because I live in a band B house which most of Cramlington lives in.

In other words, I and most others are doing quite well despite the doom and gloom.

But, seriously, I believe that Cramlington people want and need to hear and enjoy good news.

We have a new cinema being built. We have a new multi-million pound hospital being built.

We have Northumberlandia on our doorstep. We have some of the best industries in Northumberland in our town and they continue to come here and to expand.

We should celebrate these facts and be positive. Why shouldn’t Cramlington Town Council expand and be a jewel in the crown of Northumberland?

Why shouldn’t it try to be the home for charities and voluntary organisations and for people who need help?

I sincerely hope that the public know the obvious answer to the questions I have raised.