Thieves target goods in cars

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MOTORISTS in Blyth are being urged to remove all valuables from their cars following a number of thefts.

The warning comes from police after four cars were targeted overnight between Monday, August 8, and Tuesday, August 9, in Collingwood Terrace, Wright Street and Haughton Terrace.

Although the cars were locked the thieves forced their way in by breaking windows and in one incident tore a hole in the roof of a convertible car.

In two of the crimes nothing was taken but in the other two clothing and a sat nav system were stolen.

DCI Peter Reeve said: “We need people living in Blyth, and throughout Northumberland, to remove all valuables from their cars overnight.

“If you leave anything in your car then it’s more likely to be targeted by thieves.

“Don’t leave anything on show, and don’t even leave valuables like a sat nav in your glovebox.

“We are seeing crimes where thieves are breaking into cars where nothing has been left on show to chance their luck that expensive items have been stored in a glovebox.

“Help us to put a stop to these type of crimes by taking everything out of your car when you leave it.

“Lock your car doors and report anyone suspicious to the police.”

A number of warrants are being carried out in relation to the crimes and one man aged, 41, has been arrested. Enquiries are ongoing.

Anyone with any information into the crimes is asked to contact police on 03456 043043 ext 69191.