Think again on cinema location

IN July, Hammerson UK Properties plc unveiled plans for a proposed redevelopment of Manor Walks shopping centre.

Some two months on and another exhibition with updated plans will be on display on Thursday, September 22, at Manor Walks.

It will be interesting to see if any changes have been made in view of the fact that from the feedback in July, 92 per cent of respondents were positive about the proposals.

I feel confident that of the remaining eight per cent the majority will be the residents of Doddington Drive whose properties will face and will be within 100 metres of the proposed cinema complex.

Whilst I am not against the redevelopment as a whole, I feel a more suitable site could be found to accommodate a cinema.

The land currently a Tarmac and dirt car park located between McDonald’s and the new B&M store immediately springs to mind.

An even better location would be on the industrial estate where the only inconvenience would be to the nocturnal wildlife.

I wonder how many, if any, of the planners involved with the drawing up of the wonderfully presented plans have actually walked the Manor Walks site to see for themselves just how local residents will be affected.

Would they be prepared to accept the sight of the rear of a cinema within 100 metres of their property 24/7?

I’m pretty sure the answer would be no, so why should the residents of Doddington Drive be expected to?

Has the inevitable increased traffic movement at an already busy road junction been addressed?

There are frequent accident and ‘near misses’ at the junction of Forum Way and Dudley Lane now, so what will happen when more traffic is generated by cinema goers coming and going in Forum Way?

Dudley Lane will become so busy that traffic will find it extremely difficult to join from Forum Way and Doddington Drive.

I hope common sense prevails when these plans are submitted for planning permission and Hammerson are asked to think again about the location of the cinema complex.