Think before you steal

Some people may think that stealing from a big organisation hurts no one.

After all, large businesses expect that, despite using security measures, they will inevitably lose money due to theft.

Surely this does not hurt anyone on a personal level, does it?

Well contrary to popular belief, theft can hurt, and not just due to the fact that shops and businesses recoup their losses by raising their prices. Take the following example.

My nephew works in a well known Italian-American themed restaurant that has branches throughout the UK.

Recently, one Saturday evening, four women ran out of the restaurant without paying for the drinks they had consumed.

No doubt these women expected that the restaurant would just write off the £25 bill.

In fact, my nephew had the money deducted from his wages.

My nephew works to fund his degree studies and the money he lost equated to a full evening’s work.

Therefore, I would appeal to anyone that thinks that stealing food or drink from big organisations is hurting no one to consider how they would feel if it had been their own child that this happened to.

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