Time for a Northumberland whisky?

With the opening of The English Whisky Company (St George’s) a few years ago in Norfolk, and its flourishing trade in selling home produced English single malt whisky, we now have three counties, Cornwall, Suffolk and Norfolk breweries producing wonderful English whisky.

Shortly to be added to the list will be London and Cumbrian whisky companies.

Northumberland has a history of whisky production, the Coquet Valley, etc, which the Scots actually exploit by producing a brand made in Scotland highlighting and trying to simulate the flavour to that of the Coquet Valley’s essence of its Northumberland whisky heritage.

Surely this border county of Northumberland should be producing its own whisky once more?

With clever marketing and good produce it surely would have a thriving market given its heritage.

And with Scotland voting on Independence, whether they go for it or not, would this be the ideal time to start a new industry – The Northumberland Whisky Company’?

Lionel Knighting