Time for lift-off in the economy

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It’s all about new jobs as Blyth town centre prepares for economic lift-off.

It is nice to bring some good news for a change. I know many families are struggling and times are tough for everyone, but there are big changes afoot which will benefit the town and its people.

There is some controversy over the proposed move from County Hall in Morpeth, but it looks like Blyth will see a big boost for its economy with more than 300 jobs being relocated into the town centre.

That means a shot in the arm for local traders with an estimated £7.5m increase in potential footfall.

While the decision is not a done deal yet, it does complement the new mood of optimism in the town.

We’ve seen Westgate House bought up to turn into new shops and affordable apartments, we’ve seen new council homes built on Hodgsons Road, Port of Blyth has announced schemes which could create up to 500 jobs, we’ve got the Townscape Heritage Initiative with £650,000 investment in the bus station and we’re finally seeing movement on tackling the traffic jams in Cowpen Road.

It’s easy to talk our town down but there’s a new spirit of optimism with new businesses looking to invest with confidence steadily rising.

As I said at the start of this article – it’s all about the jobs for Blyth and I’m confident that we’re on the launch pad for economic growth – time for lift off I say.