Time to lay foundations for a successful economy

Each week your newspaper produces an article from our local MPs.

The article in last week (News Post Leader, October 10) attributed to Mr Ronnie Campbell was filled with the usual reference to Maggie Thatcher and pit closures etc.

Just to get the record straight it should be pointed out that Labour governments in the 1960s and 1970s closed nearly 300 coal mines in the UK.

From the time that Margaret Thatcher’s government took office in 1979 to the time of the strike in 1994, less than 50 coal mines were closed.

Now I am not in any way defending non governments of any colour, but I do think that we need to accept facts and abandon infantile and misleading propaganda and instead we should be laying the foundations for a successful economy for the north east.

The Labour Party has dominated north east politics for the last 70 years so it is about time it began to contribute to solutions and learn from its dreadful record of failure.

Remember when the last Labour government left office and the coalition government took over – Labour treasury ministers left a note saying: ‘There is nothing left’ – some legacy.

Alan Thompson

Newbiggin by the Sea