Top celebrities love the letters from pupils

PUPILS have received special deliveries from their favourite celebrities after the letters they sent them were inspired by a poem.

The group of students at The Blyth School Community College put pen to paper after reading the Sharon Creech poem Love That Dog, in which a young boy writes a letter to his favourite poet.

Some of the people the Year 7 students wrote to included the Queen, Kylie Minogue and Joe McElderry, footballers Peter Crouch and Demba Ba and the chairman of LEGO, Martina Militello.

The youngsters were thrilled to receive responses including a signed postcard from Kylie and a personal letter from LEGO.

Student Jack Pringle wanted to know why his favourite LEGO series was no longer available and was delighted when, in a personal response to him, Mr Militello said: “Our team of experts in Denmark invent new LEGO toys every year.

“They spend their time trying to find new and fun toys that are even better than classic sets.

“The shelves aren’t big enough to hold everything so sometimes we have to stop making a few of the older sets.

“We love to hear your points of view, so I’ll be passing your letter to the design team.

“You never know, some of our old favourites might make a comeback.”

Key Stage 3 co-ordinator Andrew Hutchinson said: “This traditional form of communication has become less popular with the development of texting and e-mail.

“Although essential in today’s world, the escalation in the use of technology, particularly amongst young people, has raised concerns that good grammar has been sacrificed for speed.

“The skills and knowledge required to compose a formal letter, the ability to use correct sentence construction and to develop more sophisticated languages will equip our students with the skills needed for them to succeed whether they decide to continue with their studies or to take up employment when they leave school.

The project has proved so successful this year that Mr Hutchinson is currently in discussion with colleagues about its integration into the school’s Year 7 annual scheme of work.