Top orders for safety equipment

An offshore company has secure two major orders for one of its safety tools.

Blyth-based Dräger Marine & Offshore has landed the two orders from oil and gas giants for its portable gas detection systems supported by the supply of its calibration and management tool, the Dräger X-Dock.

Dräger’s X-Dock, which was launched last year, is a docking station management system which ensures portable gas detection devices on board any platform are working correctly.

Steve Jones, regional sales manager for Dräger in Aberdeen, said: “There could be hundreds of portable gas detection devices located on any given oil platform.

“These need to be calibrated every six months and bump-tested daily to check they are working efficiently.

“The X-Dock means workers can carry out testing offshore any time, without the need for hundreds of devices to be transported onshore – which would ultimately take much longer and require replacement units to be deployed whilst this is undertaken.”

In a highly competitive market, Dräger’s X-Dock can test up to ten portable gas devices at a time. The device tests for deadly gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulphide, the results of which can be uploaded via a memory stick to a computer.

X-Dock’s data management software, which can be installed on an offshore computer, can quickly analyse calibration results and make sure they conform to specification.

Mr Jones added: “The X-Dock is designed to maximise user protection and convenience and enables workers to carry out asset management work, with maximum confidence in their safety equipment.”

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