Tories’ outrageous attack on workers

The issue of the Tories swingeing attack on the system of tax credits and welfare benefits dominated the opening of their party conference this week with health secretary Jeremy Hunt coming out with the outrageous suggestion that the reason low-paid employees struggle to make ends meet is that they don’t work hard enough.

How dare a man who is one of the richest members of the Cabinet insult millions of people who are working their socks off to put food on their tables and keep a roof over the heads of their families.

He even had the gall to suggest they should take a look at how hard their counterparts in China work and take a leaf out of their books. What an insult to workers both here and in China. And I wonder what his Chinese wife had to say about his remarks as they sat down to their bacon and eggs the next morning?

The deadly duo, Cameron and Osborne, spent time trying to suggest the proposed cuts to tax credits and benefits would actually make low paid workers £2,000 a year better off through rises in the minimum wage and tinkering with the starting rates of income tax payments, whereas the Institute for Fiscal Studies turned their argument on its head and said many would actually find themselves £1,300 a year out of pocket.

The PM dodged the question on television whether he and his chancellor mate would soften the harshness of their impending blow in their Autumn Statement, especially after their pals at The Sun newspaper urged them to do so.

Make no mistake, we in the Labour Party, under our new Leader Jeremy Corbyn, will be keeping up the pressure on them to do so when we all get back to Westminister after the party season is over.