Tory donations – it all stinks to high heaven

The Tories constantly kick up about Labour’s trade union fund masters and are even threatening more anti-union legislation if they are re-elected in May.

What hypocrisy.

They think the voters are not educated enough to see the difference between democratic unions and the mega-rich fat cats who fund the Conservative party.

Just 21 private donors have given the Tories nearly £40m in return for honours and exclusive access to David Cameron and his Cabinet ministers.

Like hedgefund boss Michael Farmer, who donated £6.7m to the Conservatives and who was made a Tory peer within weeks of handing over £330,000.

Or Russian energy boss Alexander Temerko, who donated £565,000.

Or JCB boss Anthony Bamford, who was made a Lord after donating £5.7m from the fortune he amassed through exports to Russia.

Then there is £7m from Lord Laidlaw, a tax exile living in Monaco.

The business elite have to pledge at least £50,000 to become members of the so-called ‘Leader’s Group’.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven.