Tory measures will weaken the Opposition

The biggest New Year joke is the Tories’ bid to paint themselves as a ‘One Nation’ party.

You could have fooled me.

Since the general election, David Cameron and his cronies have pushed through a barrage of measures designed to weaken the Opposition. It is so blatant that even some Conservatives who believe in democracy are beginning to kick up.

Never mind governing the country, it seems all they are really interested in is keeping their ministerial limousines.

That is why chancellor George Osborne dropped his hated cuts in tax credits for the poor.

Cuts in Universal Credit now stand to be even worse.

And the treasury green book shows how badly he wants to starve Labour of cash.

The public funding of opposition parties is to be cut by 19 per cent. The savings to the taxpayer will be tiny, but Labour stands to lose £1.2m a year.

An even bigger hit comes in the Trade Union Bill, which will cost Labour up to £5.4m by requiring union members to opt into party membership.

Then there is the Conservatives’ plan to redraw constituency boundaries, which is forecast to cost Labour up to 60 seats.

The Tories are by stealth gaining a huge advantage because they will not lose a penny from their fat cat fundmasters.

In the real world, this would be known as cheating.