Touring craft fair will kick off in the region

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A contemporary craft tour will be one of the most varied ever as 12 different artists and craftspeople contribute work to an exhibition which will travel across the county this summer.

The Miniature Worlds exhibition will feature work including jewellery by Rose Ashley, Jessica Howarth, Jennifer Ho and Marie Canning, textiles by Laura Jones, Serena Partridge and Rachael Nila Whittaker, ceramics by Mayumi Yamashita and Anna Krengel, mixed media by LEO and Rosie Wates and video by Maggie Hall.

Tour officer Karen Babayan said: “I started out involving just a few artists and that idea has developed a life of its own so that we are now featuring 12 artists and craftspeople.”

Miniature Worlds will be on display from Friday, May 3, to Monday, June 6, at Newbiggin Maritime Centre from 11am to 5pm.

It will then move on to tour the rest of the north east.