Tower Bridge to Tyne Bridge for Cramlington cyclists

Five Cramlington lads who have kept in touch since school will be back together this weekend as they take on a charity cycle ride from London to Newcastle.

Martyn Simpson, Martyn Earle, Richards Elsdon and David McKenzie all now 30, went to Cramlington High school together, and will meet up again when they take on the challenge to raise as much money as they can for Cancer Research.

The group will take part in Tower Bridge to Tyne Bridge, which will see them cycle around 110 miles a day, before arriving back in Newcastle on Sunday.

And joining them for the last leg of the jurney will be Martyn Simpson’s little brouther Graeme, who will cycle with them from York.

Martyn, a PE Tacher at North Durham Academy said the group wanted to do something to rais emoney for a cause that is close to their hearts.

He said: “We all have personal resons as to why we want to raise money for Cancer Research, having had a family or friend affected by it.

“We wanted to do a sponsored bike ride and thought it was a good idea to finish in Newcastle where we are all from.”

The group, who now all live in different areas of the north east, and one in London, have raised almost £800 so far, and are hoping to reach their target of £1,000 by the time they complete their challenge.

Last year the group walked the length of Hadrian’s Wall during the night and have already exceeded the amount of money they raised then.

The group would like to thank Phil at Encove Cycling and Piranha Print for their support with the challenge

To make a donation to the group visit