Town centre can’t go on like this

AFTER my letter in the News Post Leader on June 9, I was astounded by how many people felt the same.

Afterwards, there was a scurry of people from the council, MPs and other figures of authority popping in to give their opinion, saying all of the matters raised were in hand.

Well, four months have come and gone, and two established shops have closed and nothing. Zilch. No baskets of flowers, nothing much going on in the market, place, and still we pay rent and business rates.

The majority of small independent shops have all voiced their concerns for the town. They don’t know how much longer they will survive.

So, figures of authority, look around you and do something. No more charity shops or second-hand shops, which you don’t get business rates for.

Shop-owners are self-employed, think on their feet and make tough decisions from time to time, according to the circumstances. Someone in the powers that be should try that formula, but don’t let another four months slip by and another handful of shops close or move to Cramlington.

Without some form of input from our local authority, the town won’t survive as it is. There’s no one travelling into town centre, it’s only local people keeping it going.


Dolly Dimples

Regent Street, Blyth