Town gets its name on sign

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A SPECIAL link between Germany and Cramlington has been strengthened after officials in the mainland European country recognised structural changes to the local authorities in Northumberland.

Since the formation of Cramlington Town Council following the reorganisation of local government in April 2009, the links with the twin town of Ratingen in Germany built up by the previous Blyth Valley Council have continued.

But Coun Barrie Crowther informed the mayor’s office in the town of Ratingen that Blyth Valley Council was no more with the new Cramlington Town Council representing the town.

He said: “When I visited last year I pointed out that the road signs would need to be altered because Blyth Valley Council no longer existed and would need to be replaced with Cramlington.

“This has now been done and Cramlington takes pride of place with all the twin towns of Ratingen, which include towns in Russia, America, China, France, Canada and Finland.”

Coun Crowther will now rewrite in German the entry on the Ratingen website explaining the history and geography of Cramlington.