Town honours paralympian with freedom

Stephen Miller who received the first Freedom of Cramlington.
Stephen Miller who received the first Freedom of Cramlington.

Paralympian Stephen Miller has become the first to be given the Freedom of Cramlington.

The triple paralympic champion was given the honour at a Cramlington Town Council meeting on Thursday evening at Concordia Leisure Centre.

Stephen said: “Obviously this is a great honour and I can’t tell how proud I am.

“Cramlington is where I’ve lived my whole life, I am born and bred and that is not something I take lightly.

“I have been saying a little joke that I have the Freedom of Northumberland, Gateshead and now Cramlington, I’m taking over the north east – what’s next – world domination?

“I will continue to do the right things and be positive, live my life and be a good role model.

“Athletics is still very important to me and I love it.

“I went to school in Cramlington, I had a great time there and I learnt a lot.

“I’ve done lots of training at Concordia and the high school gave me lots of support in my career.”

He added: “Cramlington is a great place to live and I can’t see myself living anywhere else.

“It’s not often you become a piece of history, and I am proud to be the first freedom of Cramlington.”