Town is ignored by the county

I READ with interest Mr M Robinson’s letter (News Post Leader, June 30) in which he said the needs of Bedlington residents were being ignored by Northumberland County Council.

He’s right. Bedlington is abysmal with the lack of local facilities and the plight that is the market place.

Yes, it was improved with a lottery grant, but, what about the old school building next to St Cuthbert’s Church looking like a wreck.

Then there is Elliott’s garage, it stands without any roof tiles, just girders, and whoever it was who put the scaffolding up at the front just left it there.

Next you get Tesco promising to transform Bedlington, now that is a laugh.

In my opinion it has ruined the place. Once thriving businesses are now closed through the supermarket competition.

Instead, you’ve got shops with rusty shutters to look at.

Everyone you speak to all says the same, we’re hacked off having no facilities and a tip to look at.

Thankfully there’s Tallantyre’s; great restaurants; a beauty parlour; a smart new cafe and all the decent businesses down the east end.

If it wasn’t for these people, we would have nothing.