Town is known as ‘Ashganistan’

HAVING just read John Turnbull’s letter (News Post Leader, August 23), I totally agree with every sentiment written.

Ashington is a disgrace and is commonly referred to by locals as ‘Ashganistan’.

What I would like to add to Mr Turnbull’s letter is the traffic congestion of the town (probably the cause of mass exodus to better shopping climates).

North Seaton Road to Lintonville Terrace and Asda is a complete nightmare. A yellow box would not go amiss.

Today the road at Weatherspoon’s was totally blocked by a bus diagonally across the road, not five minutes later an ambulance in an emergency came down that road. God forbid if it was sent sooner.

‘Ashganistan’, oh definitely, taking your life in your hands each time we step out the door.

Wake up councillors and bring back our town.