Town is now in desperate need of a post office

It has been a month now since the post office in Newbiggin closed unexpectedly. That’s four weeks when the people of Newbiggin have been denied access to a service everyone should be able to expect as a matter of right in a community the size of theirs.

In that time, Newbiggin people have had to travel to Ashington to post parcels, cash their pensions or collect social security payments.

The problem is compounded by Newbiggin no longer having a bank so the only way to obtain cash is to use the cashpoint at the Co-op, which not everyone is able to do.

From contacts received in my constituency office, we know that some people are finding this a very difficult situation and one that needs remedying as a matter of great urgency.

My office has also been in regular touch with Post Office regional officials, who, we understand, are as anxious as anyone to restore the service in Newbiggin.

However, the problem lies in finding someone willing to take on the postal service in appropriate premises, which need to be centrally located.

One possible answer might be for some business person to come forward.

It really is unacceptable in this day and age that a community the size of Newbiggin is going without a postal service.

The Post Office is coming under increasing pressure these days, with many people choosing to make contact with others via email or text, but there is still an obvious demand for postal services.