Town once again being ignored

WHILST I welcome Northumberland County Council’s £42m commitment to invest in our local infrastructure, there is one aspect which leaves me shaking my head.

After reading that Ashington is to get a £20m new sports and community facility (News Post Leader, June 23), I have one question: “Can Bedlington have the old one?”

Again, I have to say I hold no truck with the people of Ashington keeping their ambition to the fore of the county council, and in many respects well done to them.

However, it has to be said that I believe the needs of Bedlington residents were disregarded for 30 years under Wansbeck District Council, and now it looks like we are being ignored by Northumberland County Council.

Having seen an explosion of housing estates in and around our town, to a point where population figures are equal with if not surpassing those of our neighbour, (we will soon see if that claim is true once we get the recent census figures back) and the inward taxation that produces, yet we see no investment into the commercial/social infrastructure that has left Bedlington at best a dormitory town status.

On a somewhat related matter, I find it hard to reconcile the fact that a group like Morpeth Chamber of Trade feels it is victimised by parking charges yet thinks extending those charges county-wide will in any way be a panacea?

Surly the best use of efforts would have been to challenge the charges as applied to Morpeth, not call for this introduction county-wide.

I don’t even think the residents of Bedlington would mind paying charges if they saw this ‘taxation’ go into improved local facilities, but until this deeply unfair situation is addressed it is a case of ‘no extra taxation without any adequate investment’.