Town to hold its first gala day for years

Ashington’s first gala day for years is being held on Sunday.

The event, due to start at 10am and run until 5pm,will include a mixture of live music and arts performances, sports contests, fairground rides and street stalls, as well as the town’s first farmers’ market.

The gala event, centred around Station Road, has been planned and organised by various community groups along with Ashington Town Council and Northumberland County Council.

Town council chairman John McCormack, pictured, said “As a town council, we felt that there was a great opportunity here to revive the style of the old Ashington Gala Day, which was very much valued and dependent on the full involvement and turnout of townspeople of all ages.

“We have been tremendously encouraged by the enthusiasm of the community groups to get involved and make a success of the day.

“The event is in its final stages of its planning.

“I’d ask the people of Ashington to keep the day free in their diary and make sure they turn out. There should be something for everyone on the day.”

Volunteers from Ashington’s YMCA, development trust, Hirst Welfare Centre, cricket club and Wansbeck Centre for Voluntary Services have been involved in planning the event.