Town wants fair slice of the cake

WITH reference to the letter ‘Town Once Again Ignored’ (News Post Leader, June 30), I feel I must agree entirely with the sentiments.

I also have no problem with new investment in the local infrastructure of neighbouring towns such as Ashington, with its proposed new leisure facilities, or Newbiggin, with its new beach, offshore artwork and maritime centre, and Morpeth with its new shopping centre and facilities. I welcome these. But what about Bedlington?

When will it be our turn for some richly needed investment in our infrastructure?

And why have we been so over looked by both the late Wansbeck District Council and now its successor Northumberland County Council?

Bedlington has a rich history all of its own, it helped power the industrial revolution with its locos and rails from Bedlington Iron Works, which were exported all over the world, it has a famous engineer in Sir Daniel Gouch.

We even have our own breed of dog, the Bedlington Terrier.

We made bicycles and nails here and we were the destination of the first penny black stamp, so why can’t we have a heritage centre to celebrate and exploit our history?

It would bring in tourists to the town, creating wealth and increased prosperity, and put us on the map for a change.

Instead our town centre has long abandoned derelict buildings and gaps in its front street, virtually no leisure facilities, a poorly resourced library, public toilets that are frankly a disgrace and apathy from Northumberland County Council.

We are often called a dormitory town as it is said that people only reside here not live here.

I disagree with that as I think Bedlington and its people are fighters and they work hard, despite a lack of investment in our town to make it vibrant and relevant.

But we need help from our council.

Bedlington residents and businesses pay taxes just like other citizens in Northumberland, all we want is a fair slice of the cake.